Every type of home healthcare provides better conditions for the patient and ensures that he recovers faster. Based on some data, 75% of new readmissions into the hospital can be prevented, and more and more people are looking to hire a home health care. The reasons are numerous, they don’t have to go to the hospital again, they will avoid infections and medical errors, and communication between doctor – patient will be on a much larger scale.

Home healthcare is a combination of many medical services that will be available at every patient’s home. Medical professionals carry out these services with a great dedication and in a need of a patient.

The healthcare is becoming popular

There are two factors that determine home health care system, words “home” and “care.” By some research conducted in U.S, 4,533 people, 65 years old and older, favored home healthcare system and 91% of the voted for home healthcare. 87% of American seniors would like to receive medical treatment at home, which is a shockingly high percent and encouraging data.


Many people by analogy say: “I feel better at home”, but are you feeling better? Some nonprofit research company studied a data related to the patients who had knee and hip surgery. They’ve been discarded from the hospital and sent home to recover. Data showed that 35% of those patients who received home health care we managed to recover properly and avoided re – admission into hospital or any other medical facility. 65% of elderly people showed significant improvement in mental health, due to a home healthcare. It is especially beneficial for psychiatric patients; they have personalized healthcare and they return to the hospital was reduced by 11.8% then the patient who didn’t receive home health care. Patients have all their medical needs fulfilled, and medical personnel helps them overcome faster their medical condition. With their expert assistance, they can learn to properly take care of themselves, learn how to apply medications, cotton tipped applicators and other supplies.

iStock_000027144457_LargeIn the recent years, increased need for home health care specialists has increased among the elderly population. In 2010, 13% of the elderly population, age 65 and older, seek the assistance of healthcare specialist, and some indicators estimate that by 2030 that percentage will be 19%. From this data, we can conclude that need for home health care will only grow. This puts a big weight on healthcare agencies because they need to adjust to these new conditions and effectively conduct their business.

In 2013, healthcare sector rose up to 30%; agencies need to follow all these increasing demands of the patients and hire new staff. They will need to stand out, by providing best possible care and to ensure that their services are well accepted and applied. Many agencies rigorously test their employees, so they would be able to carry out their task with efficiency and dedication.

Healthcare is an important segment of our society and with their affordability, professional behavior and aim to help elderly people, the need for such assistance will only grow.